DIY Valentine’s Candy Bouquets

diy valentine's candy bouquet with candy flowers and mason jar

Are you a DIY kinda guy or gal when it comes to gifts? There is nothing more flattering then receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day that is hand made by a loved one. The best part about these DIY Valentine’s Candy Bouquets is that they are as fun to make as they are to receive! These bouquets make the perfect gift for just about anyone special in your life. So grab your glue gun and scissors and keep reading!

“You and Me” mason jar

So which bouquet are you going to make? Maybe both? Let’s start with the one I call “You and Me”.

  1. Pour a small amount of white acrylic paint into a plastic container and add a little water. Adding water will give a whitewashed look.
  2. Using a sponge or paintbrush, paint the entire jar. Let dry for about 1 hour.
  3. VERY lightly sand letters with Emory cloth. I also lightly sanded down random spots to get a more weathered look.

4. Trace and cut small hearts out of pink felt.

5. Randomly glue hearts all over your mason jar.

6. Tie your strings in a knot around the top of your jar.

7. Glue your letters to a piece of felt.

8. Glue the felt to your string.

If you’re going to skip the next jar, scroll down further to see how to make the lollipop flowers. Otherwise, on to the second jar I like to call “Big Hearts”.

“Big Hearts” mason jar

  1. Glue 2″ wide burlap around your mason jar.

2. Glue your accent ribbon around the top and bottom of the burlap.

3. Using your heart-shaped wood trace your hearts, then cut out. Glue the felt hearts onto the wood. I purchased heart-shaped burlap pieces to save me some time.

4. Simply glue the heart to your mason jar. Done!

Lollipop flowers

collage of pictures showing cupcake liners cut into flowers diy valentines candy bouquet

To make the flower petals I used cupcake liners. Using the diagram above follow the steps.

diagram showing lollipop flowers with cupcake liners

Lay your petals on top of each other and make a small cut in the center. Poke the lollipop through the hole. You just made lollipop flowers!

These DIY Valentine’s Candy Bouquets are easy to make and fun to give. If you make these I would love to see pics! Email me at and Happy Crafting!

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