DIY Christmas Napkin Rings

DIY Christmas Napkin Ring with Pine and Berries

It’s time to get your dining room table ready for the holidays and the best place to start is by adding some festive Christmas napkin rings. I started making my own napkin rings this year and realized how much money I saved doing them on my own, plus, they will last me for years to come! These napkin rings are DIY so you can customize them by adding your choice of accent ribbon and name tags to fit your own style and holiday color scheme.

Using a chalk pen, I wrote holiday-themed words on paper chalkboard labels, but another great idea is to label with guest names which are a perfect touch to a holiday gathering.

Supplies you will need

  • 2.5″ wire-edged burlap ribbon (1-2 rolls)
  • Fabric glue or glue gun (glue gun works faster)
  • Shower curtain rings
  • 26+ gauge artistic wire (here I used coated floral wire)
Customizable additions
  • Ribbon
  • Coated wire
  • Mini wood clothespins
  • Chalkboard tags
  • Jute

Putting it together

Wrap your craft wire completely around 3-4 napkin rings. Pull the burlap through the middle and glue down to the outside center of the rings. Quick tip- While I was making my first pair, I quickly realized that a glue gun would be much faster than waiting for the glue to set so I highly recommend a glue gun for this project.

Once the glue has set, start wrapping the burlap around the rings as tightly as possible. Leave 1/2″ to 3/4″ space between each of the visible edges of the burlap. Continue to wrap until the shower curtain rings are covered.

Once the shower curtain rings are covered, glue down the burlap. As soon as the glue is set, cut off any excess burlap.

Pictured above is what the back and front should look like.

Time to Customize

In the picture above I am twisting my Christmas ribbon with some covered wire and brown jute. The wire and jute are completely optional, I just wanted to add some extra texture and color. Starting from the back of the ring, simply add a dot of glue to the outer center and firmly press the ribbon down, repeat until the ring is completely wrapped.

Once you have wrapped the ribbon around to the back of the ring again tie a knot and add glue underneath. Cut off excess ribbon once the glue has set. If you are using a slower setting glue you can use some craft wire as a clamp.

Min close pin clamped down on DIY Christmas

Almost done! Glue the mini clothespin to the ribbon on the front of the ring. For slower setting glue clamp down with wire and let it sit overnight.

Close up of Christmas Napkin ring with Santa Sign

These DIY Christmas napkin rings will elevate your dining table and save you some $$, It’s a win-win! I would love to see how your rings turn out, please send me some pics if you make these!

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